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New Website! + Upcoming Projects

Ryan smiling with guitar on beach
Smiling because I have a new website

A New Website!

After dozens of hours of work, I am absolutely thrilled to launch my new website!!! Woohoo!!! As I've endeavored to share my music more widely over the past few years, I recently became clear that my old website was no longer a reflection of who I am as an artist. This was, in turn, holding me back from sending people to my website to learn more about my music. So began this redesign.

My intention with this new website is to draw attention to my current focus on writing and singing songs, but also to acknowledge the totality of my composition journey that has brought me here which includes all of my psychedelic soundscapes, film scores, collaborations, and college creations. I also wanted the design of the website to reflect my artistry since I spend my time making money as a marketing and strategy consultant for non profits and often spend time crafting the design, architecture, and content of websites. I feel that what I've created accomplishes these goals and will do so even more fully as I continue to sculpt it.

And, there is still more to come. I intend to flesh out the blog, fine-tune the design, add more music content (possibly digging up my old piano solos), and crafting a robust About section. All of that will be part of a larger upgrade my whole online universe to bring brand consistency, share more content, and build a community of appreciators.

Upcoming Projects

This will new website will become the foundation to share my upcoming projects. Here's what I'm currently working on that will unfurl over the coming months:

  • I have recorded a series of videos of me singing my songs live. After I edit those, I will release them slowly.

  • I am recording and producing a collection of my songs with full instrumentation and harmonies in my home studio.

  • I am retreating to a cabin in June for 4 days to capture high quality acoustic recordings of many of my songs that I intend to release as EPs over the coming months.

  • I am converting old audio-only songs to videos that can be easily distributed over YouTube and Facebook.

Thank You

Thank for stopping by and taking the time to read and engage. Please consider signing up for email updates at the bottom of this page so I can keep you in the loop with all that I'm up to!


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